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Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Wasted

$50,000 to teach "Indigenous canoe-building."
$350,000 for "exploring the historical roots and persistent legacies of racism in American science and medicine."
$3,500,000 for programs addressing "racial equity, climate change, international relations, pandemic recovery, and strengthening democracy."
Hundreds of billions of dollars wasted, stolen, or otherwise spent on things having NOTHING to do with pandemic relief. As I said to this reporter, this is what happens when trillions of dollars are rushed through Congress without regular order, without hearings, and with no regard for the taxpayer.
As long as Democrats control Congress, it’d be naïve to expect any meaningful oversight here. But make no mistake: after Republicans clean house in November and take the gavels in January, I expect full accountability... not just on these examples, but everywhere there’s been waste and abuse of Covid funds.