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New Day, New Record

  • 2022-06-11-gas-prices

New day, new record.  Do I think President Biden is solely responsible for this? No, his policies are a major ingredient, but not the whole recipe. There are other global factors in play as well.

But given what he can control, has this President acted in the best interest of the American people? Has he done what he can to keep our fuel prices from skyrocketing?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact, he's deliberately done the opposite at almost every turn.

Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline on Day #1 of his administration. He suspended oil and gas leases in important parts of Alaska. He blocked new oil exploration on federal lands, and has fought for regulations that have dramatically increased production costs. All in lockstep with the Far Left's war on the fossil fuels that we rely heavily upon.

Obviously nobody believes Biden has some "knob" in the Oval Office that he uses to dial up daily gas prices. But that doesn't mean his actions don't have a DIRECT and major influence on these record prices you see here.

They certainly do. We're feeling the failure of liberal leadership on so many levels right now.  Gas nationally $5/gal. and $4.61 here in South Carolina really makes that evident.