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It's All a Ruse

I’m sorry, but it’s just not possible (or healthy) for me to be on Facebook commenting on every bad policy coming out of this White House.  There are just too many of them. So when President Biden recently suggested a gas tax “holiday” for three months to combat the skyrocketing fuel prices caused by his energy policies, I thought surely that idea would be ignored as an unserious proposal.

But people in Washington are still talking about it.  So here we go.

The federal government taxes $0.184 for each gallon of unleaded fuel we purchase. Today, the national average for gas is $4.94/gallon, and an 18.4 cents “savings” is Biden’s solution?!

A three-month gas tax holiday would “save” the average American family around $10 total.  Thanks, Mr. President.  But the truth is you won’t be saving a dime.  Here’s why:

Gas taxes are used for ongoing funding to build and maintain roads & bridges. Are we to believe all that work – roughly $10 billion worth of construction & maintenance over the next three months – will somehow be paused during this tax “holiday”?

Of course not! Those projects will carry on, which means you’ll be paying for them some other way – either other tax coffers or additional federal debt.

It's all a ruse. If this President were serious about gas prices, he’d reverse course on EVERY one of his far-left energy policies, not wasting our time with this type of distraction.