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The Environmental Impact of “Clean” Energy

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Few people understand the ~massive~ environmental damage we face if Biden and far-left Democrats get their way on fossil fuels. After all, for years they’ve told us for the sake of “Mother Earth” and our very existence, we must eliminate fossil fuels and embrace clean energy.

The problem is that replacing fossil fuels with solar, wind, and hydro will require colossal quantities of solar panels, wind turbines, electric cables, battery storage systems, and more. We’re talking quantities so large that most of us would be stunned.

Do you realize how much mineral production will be needed to manufacture just a fraction of this infrastructure? And how damaging this mineral production will be to the environment relative to the extraction and use of fossil fuels?

Consider copper, for example. Mining copper requires the use of harmful acids, heavy gas-guzzling machinery, frequently contaminated air and groundwater, and other harmful side effects. This has been widely reported. A single mid-sized 3-megawatt wind turbine requires approximately 9,400 pounds of copper for its generators, transformers, and wiring, according to the Copper Development Association. That’s just for ONE wind turbine!

It's more than copper, of course. Enormous quantities of lithium would also be needed to satisfy the Left’s push to eliminate fossil fuels. Lithium is essential for modern battery technology, but like copper, the extraction of lithium from the earth also comes with harmful environmental consequences.

The bottom line is this:

It's always more complicated than you're led to believe. Given what we know about the impact of mineral mining, only a fool would attack fossil energy for environmental reasons. So-called clean energy is not efficient enough yet to replace fossil fuels, nor is it even “clean” when you consider how that infrastructure is created.

Yes, we need to safely pursue alternative energy sources, but until those can meet our needs, we must embrace an “all of the above” energy strategy. Fossil, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro, everything.