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Tonight's State of the Union Address

I’m not expecting much from the State of the Union address tonight. We’ll hear a lot of platitudes and cherry-picked statistics, but nothing meaningful in terms of policy or vision.

If you’re inclined to tune in to President Biden’s remarks tonight, I’d invite you to keep these facts in the back of your mind:

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: 4.5 million people have illegally crossed our southern border since Biden took office, including more than three dozen on the terrorist watch list. On top of that, more than 1.2 million have successfully evaded our Border Patrol. This past December was the worst month on record, so it’s not like the President is even trying to secure the border.

CRIME: In urban areas of our nation, homicides are up 13% since 2020, rape is up 23%, and aggravated assaults are up 33%. Meanwhile, there was a 32% increase in police officers killed by gunfire last year versus 2020.

INFLATION: The rate of inflation was just 1.4% when Biden took office, peaking at 9.1% last summer thanks to excessive, out-of-control liberal spending by the federal government. Inflation is easing somewhat now, but that’s due in large part to substantial interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. Wages are simply not keeping up with inflation, and the average American family is now spending many, many thousands of dollars more each year for the same goods and services.

The numbers don’t lie. By almost every metric concerning crime, inflation, and border security, our nation has declined significantly under this man’s leadership. That’s to say nothing about our disastrous energy policies, declining military recruitment, foreign affairs disasters, and so much more.

One final point, speaking of foreign affairs. President Biden has a LOT to answer concerning the Chinese spy balloon last week. Experts believe it was likely transmitting troves of data back to China, which means the damage to our national security is already done. Why did Biden even allow it to enter our airspace to begin with? Why did the American public first learn about the balloon from local reporters in Montana? What is Biden’s plan (not if, but) when this happens next time?!

Again, I’m not expecting much from Mr. Biden tonight, but as the leader of the free world, it’d be nice if he had a clear vision for just a few of these major issues.