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Just reported moments ago, inflation numbers from last month came in at 9.1%, exceeding EVERY projection.

This is truly awful on multiple levels. We are in a serious mess due, in large part, to the excessive spending by Democrats in control of Congress and the President’s policies in the White House.

Against all better judgement, they dumped almost TWO TRILLION DOLLARS into an economy that was already on track to recover from Covid. They laughed off the risk of inflation when experts were sounding the alarm bells. Then Biden told us it was just “transitory.” Then he did nothing meaningful about inflation once it was upon us, and now he’s blaming everyone else.

I got back to Washington DC last night and do you know what liberals up here are talking about?!

Another round of spending. This one for a slightly different version of their failed Build Back Broke plan, which reports indicate could include a tax hike on small businesses.

They are utterly clueless.