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Why are we in this mess?

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Friends, I’ve done everything I can in Congress to help secure our border and curb illegal immigration. But this President’s policies, I believe, are making that an impossible task.

Our Border Patrol just reported over 207,416 encounters last month along our southern border, making June the fourth consecutive month in excess of 200,000. Their data shows we’ve already shattered the previous annual record for the most apprehensions, yet we’re only nine months into this fiscal year!

Meanwhile, ABC News is now reporting that New York City’s safety net programs are so severely strained by all the migrants who have been bussed and flown there from the border, that NYC is now asking for financial help from the federal government to manage this crisis. If New York City – with all of its resources – can’t handle this, I feel confident other cities around the nation are in the same predicament. That’s to say nothing about the crime, human trafficking, and flow of narcotics associated with illegal immigration.

Why are we in this mess?

Remember President Biden deliberately stopped new border wall construction, tried to halt the removal of illegal immigrants with active deportation orders, tried to end Trump’s “remain in Mexico” asylum policy, and reinstated the policy to release detainees into the interior of the United States while awaiting their hearings. Meanwhile, liberals in Congress have pursued multiple avenues seeking to grant amnesty to those who have entered our country illegally!

My view is that while lawful immigration has countless benefits for our nation, an unsecured border is both reckless and dangerous. So I’ll never stop fighting for a secure border, rational asylum policies, and well-funded Border Patrol & immigration courts.