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Here We Go Again

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Well, here we go again. Despite inflation at a 40-year high, Senate liberals are close to resurrecting a modified version of their “Build Back Better” plan.

Build Back BROKE, as it’s more accurately known, was such a horrible idea that they’re rebranding it with another misleading title: the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Except, of course, there’s nothing in this bill that will actually reduce inflation.

When your federal government pours massive amounts of money unnecessarily into our economy, it always makes inflation worse. For example, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan spewed money all over the place, and it’s a major reason why you’re paying so much more for gas & groceries these days.

So this new legislation by Senate liberals has nothing to do with getting inflation under control. Instead, it’s a ruse for raising taxes and new spending. In this bill, there’s almost $370 billion for ineffective climate change programs. $250 billion for loan programs through the Department of Energy. Oh, not to mention a down payment on more subsidies for Obamacare.

The total cost of everything here is over $700 billion, and NONE of this is an appropriate function of your federal government right now. Especially given that we’re $30 trillion in debt.

How to do they plan to pay for this bill? Get this:

First, this legislation features significant tax hikes, especially on many companies. I’ve been over this repeatedly: taxes on companies are ALWAYS passed along to people, most often to customers in the form of higher prices or employees in the form of lower wages. One way or another, you’re the one likely to be paying for these tax hikes.

Also to help pay for a small part of this bill, liberals are trying to amp up the enforcement division of the Internal Revenue Service. (Read: more auditors and audits.) So you have that to look forward to as well.

This bill will obviously NOT have my vote if it comes up in the House. The only way to stop this madness is at the ballot box.