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Kicking the Can Down the Road

If you like peeking behind the curtain and knowing how the sausage is made in Washington, this post is for you.

As it stands right now, the federal government is only authorized to spend money through September 30th, which is the end of its fiscal year. Without legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President, a government “shut-down” of non-essential services could happen starting October 1st.

In a normal world with decent Congressional leadership, the House and Senate would have spent many months working on a proper budget. (Ideally a balanced budget.)

But it didn’t.

Instead, with a looming deadline, Democrat leadership is cooking up what’s known as a “Continuing Resolution.” In a nutshell, a Continuing Resolution authorizes an extension of previous funding for some additional length of time. (That’s a mouthful, I know.)

Essentially, it’s kicking the can down the road by saying, “We’re just going to keep spending the same, and the new deadline will be [whatever date].”

On top of that, many Continuing Resolutions sneak in language for various things. Perhaps it’s new funding for a pet project, or changes to certain regulations. Then it’s like saying, “We’re going to spend more on this, change that, and keep everything else the same until [whatever date].”

As you can tell, a Continuing Resolution is a completely ridiculous, lazy, inept, incompetent, clumsy, and stupid way to fund the government. Here’s what I can tell you:

First, I can 100% guarantee you that I absolutely WILL NOT vote for any Continuing Resolution that increases spending anywhere without offsets.

And second, I absolutely will NOT support any Continuing Resolution that expires during the lame duck session, which is between the November 8th election and the new term of Congress starting on January 3, 2023.

That’s because with Democrats in COMPLETE AND TOTAL CONTROL of the House, Senate, and White House: our southern border is now wide open, violent crime is rising, the prices we’re paying for everything is skyrocketing, our foreign policy is a disaster, and so many other problems.

The American people will have a LOT to say about their policies come November. So it should be up to the newly elected Congress in January to set spending priorities after this Continuing Resolution, not this soon-to-be lame duck leadership.