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Rep. Ralph Norman Issues Statement on Vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker

On Friday, Rep. Ralph Norman issued the following statement after voting for Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House of Representatives:
"From the beginning, I've been clear that restoring fiscal sanity to Congress is my top priority. It's crucial for the next Republican Speaker to leverage every tool at his disposal to cut spending, balance the budget, and start paying down our massive levels of debt.

"The status quo is failing our nation. We cannot continue the reckless spending and borrowing on the backs of our children. That's why I am pleased to have reached an agreement with Rep. McCarthy on concrete steps he will take to fix our budgeting and appropriations processes, as well as much needed rules changes in the House.

"While this has not been an easy process, I'm confident this agreement will place us on an excellent trajectory, and I look forward to working with Speaker-designate McCarthy as we move forward."