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Speaker of the House

New Speaker of the House

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Congratulations to our new Speaker of the House, Congressman Mike Johnson! We have a lot of work on the horizon, but our conference is finally united and the House is great hands moving forward. Let's go!!

A Solid Conservative

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For the next Speaker of the House, we need someone who can unite our conference. Someone who is strong and principled. Someone who will prioritize eliminating reckless spending, and focus on border security.  I believe that my good friend Jim Jordan is that person. He is a solid conservative and talented leader who will unite the Republican party and put America first.

On the Motion to Vacate

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As many of you know, a vote was taken on Monday to oust Rep. Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This procedure is known as a "Motion to Vacate." If you've seen some of my recent interviews and social media posts, you know I’ve been PROFOUNDLY disappointed in several key elements of Mr. McCarthy’s performance as House Speaker. Despite that, I did not believe…

Speaker McCarthy and the Motion to Vacate

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Concerning Speaker McCarthy and the Motion to Vacate in the House of Representatives today: I have been profoundly disappointed in several elements of Speaker McCarthy’s leadership, but now is not the time to pursue a Motion to Vacate.  Instead, Congress desperately needs to devote its full attention to passing these appropriations bills within the next 43 days. We need to turn our…

June 1st Tele-Town Hall Replay

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With thousands of constituents on the phone, I covered a wide variety of topics yesterday during my telephone town hall. This include a long discussion on the the debt ceiling "deal" and our nation's massive debt problem. For those who missed it, you can catch a full reply here...

Remarks at CPAC

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It was an honor be part of a special forum this morning at CPAC with Rep. Scott Perry, where we covered a wide variety of important issues facing Congress. The weaponization of government, border security, the Speaker's election, China, and more... nothing was off limits. Give a listen!

Developments in the House Speaker Election

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Last night, I joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the latest developments in the House Speaker election. ***Friends, if this is the first post you've seen from me on this important issue, I invite you to please go back and catch up on a string of updates over this past week. Simply click my name (above) to see my timeline, then scroll down to Sunday, January 1st and work back up. Additional…

Rep. Ralph Norman Issues Statement on Vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker

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On Friday, Rep. Ralph Norman issued the following statement after voting for Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House of Representatives:   "From the beginning, I've been clear that restoring fiscal sanity to Congress is my top priority. It's crucial for the next Republican Speaker to leverage every tool at his disposal to cut spending, balance the budget, and start…