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MAJOR wins in the final deal for House Speaker. We're finally in a good place. Details of this deal include:

  •  Firm assurances the Speaker will leverage every tool within his disposal to put our nation on a trajectory towards a balanced budget.
  •  A return to "regular order" with individual attention to the 12 separate appropriations bills that Congress is supposed to pass, not these obnoxious Omnibus spending bills. (I've covered this in multiple previous posts.)
  •  Conservative Freedom Caucus Representation on the Rules Committee, which is huge. HUGE! (I'll dive into this in a future post soon.)
  •  A requirement that bills in the House be posted at least 72 hours before voting. No more of this nonsense we've seen where multi thousand-page bills are posted just prior to voting.
  •  A solid "motion to vacate" which will help hold the Speaker accountable to the promises he’s made.
  •  Plus several other outstanding wins.

Friends, from the beginning, I've been clear that restoring fiscal sanity to Congress is extremely important to me. The status quo of reckless spending is destroying our nation, and I'm simply not voting to pile debt onto the backs of our children.

Over this past week, I've been called a terrorist, a traitor, and so many four-letter words that it would make a sailor blush. By people in my own party, no less! Funny how many of those same people have completely changed their tone & posture within the last few hours. 

Bottom line: this is what needed to happen. It was messy and chaotic, but that’s part of the privilege of living in this great country. These wins would have NOT been achieved without a willingness of a small number of people to stand up for what’s right.

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