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Alarming Chinese Surveillance

News about this Chinese surveillance balloon currently hovering over the continental United States is yet ANOTHER alarming development from the communist regime.

China is claiming it's a benign balloon intended for scientific research, which just happened to float over into our airspace. The problem is that very little that government claims can be trusted. And the time for China to make that statement was immediately... once it realized it was heading towards U.S. airspace, not after it causes national alarm over here.

Don't ever forget: China has been tied to intellectual property theft of many U.S. companies and cyber espionage activities. Their "Confucius Institutes" at numerous U.S. colleges and universities have been a big source of concern. Meanwhile, Chinese entities are trying to buy up large swatch of U.S. farmland, some of which is near critical military installations.

And now this.

It's unclear at this point why President Biden has not ordered fighter jets to poke a few bullet holes into this balloon. Let it gradually and safely float down to the ground, and give our national security experts the opportunity to figure out what this thing is really up to.