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Reaction to Last Night's State of the Union

I need to point this out, because it was completely ignored in the mainstream media’s analysis after the State of the Union address last night. Forget the slurred speech, forget the missing words, forget the awkward reactions when Republicans jeered at his blatant lies.

Forget all that.

My biggest takeaway from last night was Biden’s desire for TRILLIONS of dollars’ worth of new government growth. Countless new programs, new agencies, thousands of new government bureaucrats, on and on. The first half of that speech was the epitome of a socialist nanny state.

Friends, we can’t afford ANY of that!

Our deficit spending is out of control, as is the size and scope of your federal government. Oh, plus we’re over $31 trillion in debt! And last night it became apparent we have a President who not only refuses to acknowledge this reality, but who wants to double down with more spending, more debt, and more government.

Democrats can applaud and pat themselves on the back. They can claim to care about the downtrodden and the underserved. They can demand their “fair share” of what someone else has worked for. In fact, they could literally confiscate 100% of everything owned by the so-called rich. But it won’t pay for a fraction of their socialist vision for our country.

We are spiraling towards financial ruin, and it has to stop.