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141 Pages to Define "Water"

One of the most obnoxious abuses of government power has been against farmers and other landowners with respect to water on their property (e.g. ponds, streams, etc.). To illustrate how out of control the federal government has become, several agencies have crafted a 141-page document to revise the legal definition of "Waters of the United States."

You see, if any body of water meets this wide-reaching definition of "Waters of the United States" then it gives Uncle Sam an ENORMOUS amount of power under the Clean Water Act to control almost everything about its use. Even for a tiny fishing hole, your private property rights simply don't matter.

To be clear, this isn't about stopping pollution, keeping water sources clean, or harming anyone downstream of a river. It's about government control. The Clean Water Act and the "Waters of the United States" definitions have created countless headaches, massive financial burdens, and huge legal problems for so many people here in our congressional district and across the nation.

Yesterday I was at a Rules Committee hearing on a resolution of congressional disapproval for this latest WOTUS definition. Give a listen...