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Cuts for the Upcoming Debt Ceiling Negotiations

  • Freedom Caucus Press Conference

Today, the Freedom Caucus held a press conference to outline the cuts we're seeking as part of the upcoming debt ceiling discussions. We're talking about easy, no-brainers like:

🔴 Rolling back Biden’s terrible $80 billion IRS expansion.

🔴 Ending Biden’s unlawful $400 billion student loan bailout;

🔴 Clawing back ALL unobligated funds that were allocated for Covid but never spent.

🔴 Eliminating billions of wasteful climate change spending in the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act."

I realize these items are low hanging fruit, but we're just getting started. Remember: every financial package that comes before Congress, including the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations, MUST contain responsible spending cuts to keep up on a trajectory to balance the budget within a reasonable 10 year timeframe.

We're just getting started on these cuts. The real work is going line by line through every agency's budget and finding the countless billions that can (AND SHOULD) be eliminated.

I'm done with the waste in Washington. I don't spending more than we can take in. I'm done with trillion dollar deficits every year. I'm done with piling on to our mountain of national debt. I'm done with woke liberals who don't care about our national solvency.

Come hell or high water, we're going to get this country's fiscal house in order.