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What to Watch

Here’s the preview of coming attractions with this debt ceiling. It’s been five days since the House passed the “Limit, Save, Grow Act.” Remember, that’s the Republican bill to safely reduce federal spending while dealing with our debt ceiling.
Now many people are wondering what the Senate will do, since the ball is now in their court. But friends, don’t worry about the Senate right now; that’s not where the action is.
Instead, the person you need to watch is President Biden, who has insisted on a “clean” debt ceiling hike. Essentially, he wants to raise the debt limit without any effort to rein in spending, which is the height of insanity.
After way too long, Republicans have FINALLY had enough. With passage of the “Limit, Save, Grow Act” last week, House Republicans agreed that if we’re going to raise the debt ceiling, then we’re going to also make reasonable spending cuts to help get our country on a trajectory to balance the budget within a reasonable period of time.
The Democrat-controlled Senate is hamstrung right now. The Senate also knows there MUST be cuts to spending, but it makes no sense for the Senate to pass anything without knowing what Biden will sign. All they can really do is wait on Biden to negotiate with House leadership.
Yet true to form, and to nobody’s surprise, the President is completely out to lunch on this issue. If Biden thinks he can wait until the 11th hour without causing chaos, he’s wrong. And if Biden thinks he’s going to get a “clean” debt ceiling increase without any spending cuts, he’s sadly mistaken.