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Chinese Spy Base on Cuba

News broke this morning that China has struck a deal with Cuba to build a spy base on the island, less than 100 miles from the Florida coast. This will enable communist China to eavesdrop on U.S. communications more easily, especially around the southeast. It’ll also give China closer access to monitor our shipping and military traffic.

It’s no wonder China has become so emboldened. It was just a few months ago when their spy balloon was allowed to float undisturbed across the entire United States, collecting data over numerous sensitive sites. Biden’s response to that was bizarre: first ignoring it, then downplaying its threat, then allowing the balloon to complete its mission before shooting it down!

And don’t be surprised to see a similar response from the Biden Administration this time around concerning the Chinese spy base in Cuba. Biden’s will first ignore, then downplay the threat, then do nothing until it’s too late to do anything. Mark my words.

China is playing the long game, and their leadership would love nothing more than to have missiles and a military presence in Cuba. Biden has emboldened them to take this aggressive step in pursuit of this objective. It should not go unanswered this time.