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September is Going to be a Total Mess

It’s time to reiterate what I’ve been saying for quite a while. September is going to be a total mess in Congress for one reason, and one reason only:

Because for decades, elected leaders in Washington have racked up almost $33 TRILLION in national debt. You and I will not be alive to pay this back. The “borrower is the slave of the lender” (Proverbs 22:7), but it’s our children and grandchildren who will be on the hook to pay back the massive debts we have put upon them. What immorality and shame on our part to have done this!

Our deficit spending this fiscal year alone is approaching $2 trillion. (That’s how much more we spent vs. collected in tax revenue. We can’t even tax an additional $2 trillion without destroying our economy!) The only solution is to reduce federal spending and eliminate the countless billions on ridiculous, useless, inappropriate projects that we cannot afford and do not need!

Most of you know this, but the federal government is only funded through September 30th. Prior to that date, Congress is supposed to pass legislation that funds the various federal agencies beyond September 30th. And to nobody’s surprise, leadership on both sides have run us right up to the deadline and are now claiming we need to pass a temporary spending measure to buy more time.

I don’t know how this process will play out, but I can tell you I am not voting for the status quo. I don’t care about re-election. I don’t care what the liberal media claims. I am not putting my head in the sand on this issue, and I simply will not support any appropriations bill that doesn’t contain meaningful, responsible spending reductions to keep us on a trajectory to balance the budget within the next 9-10 years. 

You’re going to hear all sorts of news reports in the coming weeks about how conservatives like me would rather trigger a shutdown of NON-ESSENTIAL services rather than go along with the Washington establishment and continue to spend ourselves into oblivion. But here’s the reality:

Nobody wants a shutdown, but it’s the Washington establishment who would induce a government shutdown – and all the pain that entails – rather than do the responsible thing and curb our out-of-control spending. It’s conservatives like me who are the only ones willing to stand opposed to their cowardly, reckless behavior.

So I’ll say it again: September is going to be a total mess in Congress. You know where I stand, and how I’m going to vote. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated along the way.