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Nothing Terrifying About This Situation

Do you see how NBC is covering this topic? It’s not just NBC; it’s every other left-leaning news outlet as well.

Payments for federal student loans have been on hold for more than three years. Now that Covid is in the rear-view mirror, it’s obviously time for these payments to resume. Yet liberal journalists and Democrat politicians want you to believe that’s akin to "forcing" people into “living on the brink.”

If asking people to repay what they owe constitutes a “terrifying” situation, then heaven help us. In fact, why stop at student loans? Aren’t other types of loan payments equally as terrifying? Why not offload car payments, mortgages, and credit card debt to other people as well?

(There’s obviously no rational answer to those questions, which just proves how illogical this whole student loan “forgiveness” effort really is.) 

Friends, we’re talking about money people WILLFULLY borrowed for an education they CHOSE to pursue. The responsibility to pay their loans should not be shoveled on to other people who did not take out those loans, and who did not receive the education.