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Offloading Student Loan Debt to Taxpayers

Monday Afternoon Update

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2.27 Winter Session

Over the next seven weeks, the House is scheduled to be in session a whopping… 14 days. Oh, not to mention we’re just now heading back to D.C. today after being home for the last two weeks. *** This further illustrates how utterly ridiculous it was for some Republicans to have been angry at me and 19 others for negotiating during the House Speaker’s vote back in January. They literally…

Update on Biden's Student Loan "Forgiveness" Program

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As promised, here’s a brief update on President Biden’s effort to transfer other people’s student loan debts to you, the taxpayers. Remember I was all over this issue last spring and summer, calling it unfair, unethical, and illegal. I’m not unsympathetic to those who have student loans. But for those who borrowed money from the federal government and spent it on an education – which…

More Thoughts on This Week’s Unconstitutional Overreach by the President

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With the stroke of a pen earlier this week, Biden saddled you and other taxpayers with more than $500 billion worth of other people's student loan debt. First of all, isn’t it funny how Democrats are trying to compare that to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? For those of you who don’t remember, the PPP enabled people to remain employed when the pandemic literally shut down much of…

Path Forward to Address Biden's Overreach on Student Loans

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Friends, I’m as outraged as I can be over Biden making YOU responsible for other people’s student loan debts. Of all the things we’ve had to put up with under this administration – skyrocketing inflation, rising violent crime, record levels of illegal immigration, failed foreign policy, on and on – this is just par for the course. So many constituents have called and written into my…

It's unfair. It's unethical. And it's and probably not legal.

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I know I’ve covered this multiple times, but we need to cover it again. Today, President Biden is expected to announce a plan to “cancel” up to $10,000 in federal student debt for those earning under $125K. Friends, debt isn’t just "canceled." Whether it’s the federal government or a private lender, you don’t just erase loans off the books. What’s really happening here is the…

Letter to Speaker Pelosi re: Offloading Student Loan Debt to Taxpayers

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On Wednesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-5) co-signed a congressional letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concerning President Biden's recent efforts to offload up to $10,000 from each student loan to taxpayers. "Noticeably absent from the President’s plan is any plausible legal authority to implement such a policy," wrote the lawmakers. "The legislative and executive branches each possess…

Joe Biden Is Trying To Saddle You With Other People’s Student Debt

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Yet again, Joe Biden is trying to saddle you with other people’s student debt. This latest effort, according to news reports, would “cancel” at least $10,000 in federal student debt for those earning under a certain amount. I put “cancel” in quotes because it’s not canceled at all. Whether it’s the federal government or a private lender, you don’t just erase loans off the books. That’s…

Here We Go Again: Cries to “Cancel” Student Debt

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Here we go again. Cries to “cancel” student debt are making headlines this week. This, after President Biden told a group on Monday that he wanted to explore ways to “forgive” some amount of federal student loans. Just so we’re 100% clear: when liberals talk about “forgiving” or “canceling” loans, what they actually mean – whether they’re capable of understanding this concept or not – is…

Cancel student debt?

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Cancel Student Debt

Cancel student debt? Nope, not with my vote in Congress. This issue comes up frequently, and it’s usually promoted by (A) those with student loan debt, obviously; (B) those in academia; and (C) politicians looking for the votes of the two aforementioned groups. Let’s dive into some of their reasons: ***** REASON 1: “Most colleges are too expensive.” Agreed,…