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6.2 Million Illegal Crossings

Over the weekend, it was quietly announced that we broke another monthly record for illegal immigration along our southern border. Almost 303,000 that we know about in September alone. That includes 269,735 who were apprehended by our Border Patrol, plus 33,203 who were chased by authorities but managed to escape into our country.

Think about that. Over THIRTY-THREE THOUSAND illegal immigrants were pursued by our border authorities but escaped and made it into our country. And the total number of apprehensions plus “got aways” last month doesn’t even touch those who made it here undetected!

This President is now responsible for 6.2 MILLION illegal crossings along our southern border since he took office. He’s weak on foreign policy. Weak on immigration. Weak on border security. Weak on enforcing the law. Weak on protecting Americans. Weak on EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS.

And since you’re not going to hear about this from the mainstream media, here are a two more nuggets from last month’s border data:

27,023 pounds of fentanyl were seized along the border in September. That’s up 464% from the same period in just three years. If this much was seized, just imagine how much made it through.

And perhaps worst of all, 169 people on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST have been apprehended along our southern border so far this fiscal year. To reiterate, these are just the terrorists we know about! We have no idea how many terrorists have made it through without being apprehended.

This is not hyperbole: at some point I fear we’re going have a catastrophic event on our soil that will be directly traced back to Biden’s insane desire for wide-open borders. This nation deserves better.