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The Real Cost of Big-Government Liberalism

When Biden took office, the average monthly payment for a new home was $1,787. Today, it’s $3,322. 

That’s over $18,000 more per year to own a new home, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I’m not saying Biden has some magic dial in the Oval Office that controls housing prices. But from his war on affordable energy, to his Administration’s quest for bigger government and more regulations, to dumping trillions of dollars into an already overheated economy under the guise of so-called “covid relief,” these are the policies that have caused prices to skyrocket – to the point now where many people can no longer afford home ownership.

That’s the real cost of big-government liberalism.

If you’re taking comfort in the current rate of inflation of 3.1%, remember that’s how much prices have risen from a year earlier. Overall prices are up 17.4% since Biden took office. (Plus 3.1% is higher than normal and higher than what analysists had expected last month, so that’s not exactly news to celebrate.)

But hey, at least gas prices have settled down a little for the time being. Hardly a consolation if you’re in the market to purchase a place to live, but I guess we’ll take any bit of good news we can get at this point.