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An Honest Ask About the Border

For my liberal friends, help me out here. I have a simple, honest ask:

In the comments, can you please explain to the rest of us why the situation along our southern border is acceptable to you?

No need to get defensive. No need to deflect or gaslight. No need to blame the last guy who left office with a relatively stable border almost 3 years ago. And no need to argue about the facts about Biden’s record along the border, which include:

 🔹 8.2 million apprehensions

 🔹 1.7 million “gotaways” – those who ran from our authorities and escaped within the United States.

 🔹 Countless millions who crossed our border undetected

 🔹169 suspected terrorists apprehended last year alone, which is more than the previous 6 years combined. Unknown how many suspected terrorists made it through undetected.

 🔹 1,318 pounds of fentanyl seized along the border in October, not to mention almost 5 tons of meth. Unknown how many tons of these deadly narcotics made it through undetected.

 🔹 Over 240,000 illegal migrant encounters in October, the highest monthly total ever recorded, which capped off the worst fiscal year ever for illegal crossings.

It’s not like these facts are in dispute. What’s also not in dispute is the President caused all this all. He came into office 3 years ago and did everything one would do if deliberately trying to create an illegal immigration crisis. Things like stopping new border wall construction, halting the removal of illegal immigrants with active deportation orders, trying to end our “remain in Mexico” asylum policy, reinstating the policy to release detainees into the interior of the United States while awaiting their hearings, on and on. So let’s not pretend like this wasn’t by design.

⚠️ So again, the question for my Democrat friends is: why is this acceptable to you?