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The Senate's Nonsense "Immigration Deal" and Mayorkas' Impeachment

Two items making the news this Monday morning from D.C. First is this meaningless “immigration deal” that a handful of Senators reached over the weekend.

This nonsense is DEAD ON ARRIVAL over in the House. This is not a serious effort by the Senate, but instead is a messaging bill designed to allow liberals the ability to claim they tried to solve the border crisis. (A crisis their policies created!) So what’s in this package?

For starters, the bill is supposed to create a new “border emergency authority” enabling authorities to expel illegal migrants once we average 4,000 encounters per day, for a 7-day period.

Just do the math on that. If we only encounter 1.4 MILLION illegal immigrants per year (~3,999 per day), these expulsion measures won’t kick into place. This is woefully inadequate.

I won’t dispute there are some worthwhile concepts in this bill. But in true D.C.-style, there are loopholes, exceptions, time limitations, and workarounds making it highly improbable any of this would be enforced. And there are billions in foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine, which might be warranted except, get this: THERE ARE NO OFFSETS! No spending reductions elsewhere to pay for this. We’re just borrowing more and more – it’ll never end.

Anyway, it’s uncertain whether this bill will even pass the Senate. Even if it does, however, it should go nowhere in the House. As a reminder, the House has already passed a solid immigration reform package – H.R. 2 – that would secure the border and apply meaningful enforcement mechanisms to deter Biden’s waves of illegal migration. If the Senate wants to take up anything concerning immigration, they ought to start with H.R. 2.

The second news item for today is Articles of Impeachment against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, which should be considered later this week in the House. He’s facing impeachment for breach of public trust and his “willful and systemic refusal to comply” with federal immigration laws.”

I’m fully behind this effort to impeach Mayorkas, but like I said last week, we need to be honest about where this effort will go. Even if the House impeaches, the Democrat-controlled Senate will never move to convict. Furthermore, Mayorkas is only doing what Joe Biden has directed he do. It’s ultimately Joe Biden’s policies that have created this disaster. If Mayorkas is removed from office, Biden will simply find someone else for that post who is willing to leave the southern border wide open.