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A Calculated Game

It’s all a calculated game to Democrats. Leaks from the White House indicate Biden is now (finally) considering executive orders to help slow the massive number of illegal migrants flowing across our southern border.

This, after lying for weeks claiming he needed additional legislation from Congress to secure the border. (I covered this in a previous post.) That man doesn’t need additional authorization from Congress to do what he’s already empowered to do. Instead, he’s deliberately chosen not to secure our borders, and is desperately searching for political cover.

Here’s the dirty little secret: 

Biden and Democrats WANT illegal immigration. Lots of it. They NEED illegal immigrants, for two reasons…

One, to prevent losing Democrats seats in the House of Representatives. That’s because people are moving away from liberal meccas like San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles. These places are hemorrhaging residents because of the way local Democrats have so poorly mismanaged those cities. Seats in the House of Representatives are apportioned by population, so Democrats want a solid base of illegal migrants to mitigate the population losses in these cities, so they don’t lose power in Congress.

Second, while some states and municipalities do allow illegal immigrants to vote in local and state elections, that is not (yet) the case in federal elections. But YOU BETTER BELIEVE that’s a goal of the left. They’d love nothing more than to allow these 8+ million who have entered this country illegally under Biden’s watch to vote in federal elections, because they know the majority of them will vote Democrat. That’s why amnesty and a pathway to citizenship are so important for Democrats – for votes down the road!

Friends, these two reasons are why Biden’s policies towards illegal immigration have been so weak. But now with the Americans firmly outraged over this, Biden’s poll numbers in the toilet on illegal immigration, and an election in November, NOW he’s trying to change the perception.

Biden’s had the ability all along to do the right thing and secure our border. In fact, all he needed to do upon taking office is… NOTHING! He could have chosen to simply do nothing and keep all of Trump’s policies in place. Had Biden simply done nothing, illegal immigration wouldn't be anywhere close to the problem it has become.

But Biden didn’t do nothing. He chose to implement policies that he knew – AND WE ALL KNEW – would encourage and facilitate a massive flow of illegal migrants into our country. It’s all deliberate and by design – for power in Congress and hopefully more Democrat voters down the road.

Sinister, yes, but 100% true.