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Looming Government Funding Deadline

This year, the amount of money we’ll pay on INTEREST ALONE to service our national debt will exceed what we’re spending to fund the entire U.S. military. That’s according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Let that sink in for a moment. 

What we’ll spend this year to operate the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Space Force… take all those COMBINED and they’ll still cost less than what we’ll pay in interest this year. Not the $34 trillion principle itself, but just the interest. ($870 billion in projected interest vs. $841.4 billion for the Department of Defense.)

I realize interest rates are higher right now thanks to the inflationary policies of Joe Biden and congressional Democrats. (These people are out of control, but that’s an issue for November 5th.) Unfortunately, the CBO is projecting no relief in this area. Next year our projected interest payments will jump from $870 billion to $951 billion. And less than a decade from now, our interest payments are projected to DOUBLE to more than $1.6 trillion every year.

To call this unsustainable is the understatement of our lifetimes. 

Next week, another deadline looms for government funding. But nothing’s going to change. Nothing’s going to be cut. Nothing’s going to be reformed. Nothing’s going to be done about this imminent collapse of the American economy and our way of life. Next week, congressional leadership will drive us right up to the deadline and then try to pass another Continuing Resolution. We’ll be told how critical it is to borrow hundreds of billions more for other nations, but heaven forbid we consider any offsets to keep us from going further in debt.

If you think I’m angry, you’re right.

I’ll be a HARD NO on a lot of votes next week. NO on any new spending without offsets elsewhere. NO on foreign military assistance without other spending cuts to pay for it. NO to any appropriations bill that doesn’t slash spending and get our fiscal house in order. NO to anything that resembles the status quo.

If a partial shutdown comes, then so be it. I am not going to vote to keep this bloated, wasteful, oversized, out-of-control federal government operating at all costs while we’re driving 100mph off a fiscal cliff.