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Do Not Fall For This

Do not fall for this. President Biden is finally (I mean, FINALLY) making a trip to the southern border…but for what? To see the absolute uncontrolled chaos he’s created, 8+ million illegal immigrants later? This is an issue that should infuriate every single American. This is not a party issue, this is about the safety and security of our fellow Americans.

On Biden's first day in office he began signing over 90 executive orders undoing the border security measures of the previous administration. Now he’s waited three years, witnessed 8+ million people enter through our border illegally, heard several cities’ and states’ desperate pleas for help, but swore up and down to the American people the border was “secure.” When American citizens are no longer safe because of those who came here illegally, the border is officially NOT “secure.” 

The Biden administration's narrative has gone from “the border is secure” to “this is all the Republican’s fault.” Folks, I have been talking about this border crisis every step of the way since 2021 (see the link in comments below for more on that.) The Secure the Border Act of 2023 (H.R. 2) passed the House in May 2023 and has sat stalled in the Senate. But NOW he is blaming Republicans because he has tied measly border policies to a Senate package that included nearly $90 billion dollars in overseas funds. Enough!

Please understand this, President Biden had the executive authority to undo border security measures in 2021. He *still* has the executive authority to reinstate serious border security policies that do not require an act of Congress or a useless trip to the border.