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Earmarks Are Evil

EARMARKS ARE EVIL. Here are some highlights of the worst-of-the-worst earmarks in Chuck Schumer’s +1,000 page spending rampage. And keep in mind, we will be borrowing the money to pay for these pet-projects…

1. $1.6 million for “artist living and working space” in New York. No offense to NY, but I think y'all have some more urgent matters to attend to.

2. $1 million to expand a LGBT community center in Philadelphia. How is the crime in Philly, you make ask? $1 million could go to hire at least 15 police officers instead. Also of note, giving money to this LGBT center would be actively funding their activities, including a "kink and fetish party" & drag shows for children in Philly.

3. $963k for an "EV public safety fleet." Criminals will laugh when they see this fleet rolling up.

4. This one speaks for itself. $850k for “bus stop equity” in California. What??

5.  $500k for a “Safety Coordinator” in Virginia. The sentiment is fine, but why should the federal government pay for a local government position?

6. $190k for a “shark repellant study” in Florida. Sorry, but the sharks aren’t going anywhere soon and I don’t need a study to tell y'all that!

7. $1.1 million for “electric bus charging” stations in Florida. Kamala finally gets her electric buses, but your taxes skyrocket to pay for it!

8. $1 million for an “EV infrastructure masterplan” in Chicago- I’m sorry but this sounds like a villain origin story.

9. $1 million for a “citywide climate assessment” in Rhode Island.

And the list goes on, folks. I wasn't sent to Washington to be complicit with spending bills that include earmarks like this.