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Biden's Sham Executive Order

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced an executive order posturing that he cares about border security. In my opinion, this executive order (EO) is an absolute INSULT to the American people. 

Under this executive order, the Biden administration claims that it would only "consider" shutting down the US-Mexico border once illegal crossings hit 2,500 per day. That means that under this "crackdown," hundreds of thousands new and illegal immigrants will be allowed into our country, even if the EO was enforced properly. 

I did the math so you don't have to. Allowing 2,500 illegal crossings per day is still: 

  • 17,500 per week
  • 75,000 per month
  • 912,500 per year

This is not immigration reform! This is an open invitation for almost a million new people to illegally enter our country! It's nothing more than a sham. In case you forgot, there have been OVER 9.5 MILLION illegal immigrant encounters nationwide- and those are only the ones we know about. 

On top of this continual flow of new illegal immigrants, this EO makes mass migration permanent by: 

  1. Exempting child trafficking to ensure trafficked children are delivered to their US destinations.
  2. Funneling all surplus traffic to ports of entry for automatic entry and deportation amnesty.
  3.  Leaving all 15 million new illegals in our country. 

Since Biden's first day in office, he has worked relentlessly to implement extreme, far left border policies that have led the country down a dark path of soaring crime rates and an alarming national security crisis. He made 269 executive actions on immigration in his first year in office; from removing Title 42 and Remain in Mexico, to halting border wall construction, and reinstating Catch-and-Release, Biden has made it monumentally easier for immigrants to illegally enter and stay in our country. Under Biden's extreme executive actions, every community has become a border community.  

To put it plain and simple, Biden's sham of an EO is putting lipstick on a pig. ONE illegal border crossing per day is ONE TOO MANY.