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It's Amnesty, Pure and Simple

It’s amnesty, pure and simple. I’m talking about the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” which I voted against yesterday. What a great title, right?

This bill would grant something called “certified agriculture worker” status to illegal immigrants who have been working unlawfully in our agriculture industry. Anyone who has broken our immigration laws to work in the ag industry for at least 180 days over the last two years (i.e. part time) would be eligible, so we’re talking about countless people.

“Certified agriculture worker” status allows them to continue working in that industry, and this bill even has provisions for their families to come as “certified agriculture dependents.” If that weren’t enough, it provides pathways to work permits, green cards, and eventually citizenship depending on how long an illegal immigrant had been working here unlawfully.

I think most of us can agree that LAWFUL immigration provides countless benefits to our nation. There are many things we should be doing on this front, such as reforming the current H-2A guest worker program. However, despite an honorable-sounding title, I cannot support any bill that encourages and rewards those who willingly violate our immigration laws. This is a bad piece of legislation.