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None of This is Helpful.

Have you heard about this new Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (“C.H.A.Z.”)? A six-block area within a Seattle, WA neighborhood known as Capitol Hill has been confiscated by anarchists, far-left protesters, Antifa and others.

In a stunning display of surrender, police were ordered to abandon their neighborhood precinct and withdraw from the area. And they’re no longer responding to 9-1-1 calls within the zone unless it’s a mass casualty event.

While a handful of media outlets have tried to portray C.H.A.Z. as some type of utopia for social justice, the reality is it’s a CHAOTIC MESS. And because the liberals who run that city’s local government have neither the desire nor fortitude to restore order, those who live and work in that neighborhood have found their world turned upside down.

Elsewhere around the country…

🔴 Law enforcement officers are being attacked while trying to do their jobs.

🔴 Calls to “de-fund the police” are actually under consideration in several cities.

🔴 Efforts to eliminate non-lethal technologies like tear gas are underway. (Of course there’s no word on what alternatives police would be left with if non-lethal force on a large crowd were necessary.)

🔴 Memorials for slain law enforcement officers have been desecrated, while others are being removed to protect them from vandals.

🔴 Various school boards across the country have voted to eliminate school resource officers, even in schools located within some of our nation’s most violent communities.

🔴 Television shows that portray the work of law enforcement, like “Cops” and “Live PD” have recently been canceled.

🔴 The anti-law enforcement movement is even going after children’s programs like “Paw Patrol.” Those of you with children or grandchildren might know the “police officer” in Paw Patrol is… wait for it… a CARTOON DOG who is nothing but a positive influence.

None of this is helpful. Our purpose here should be to build mutual trust, respect, and accountability between law enforcement and those they serve. That CANNOT happen with the madness and deliberate chaos that’s happening in places throughout our nation right now.