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San Francisco Finally Got It Right, for a Change

I know we make fun of San Francisco for their utter lunacy on so many issues. But honestly: their voters got it right yesterday.

There was a special election on Tuesday to recall San Francisco's far-left district attorney. (Remember: a district attorney is the public servant responsible for prosecuting crimes in his/her area.)

Chesa Boudin is the name of the district attorney in San Francisco. Boudin was a champion for far-left "criminal justice reforms" like eliminating cash bail and refusing to prosecute "quality-of-life" crimes such as prostitution. Under Boudin's watch, his city has become a dumpster fire with rising violent crime, rising murder rates, rising theft, etc.

So people in San Francisco were fed up, and rightfully so. Yesterday in overwhelming fashion, they threw Boudin out of office in a landslide recall vote. Good.

Before folks chime in and say, "Norman that's San Francisco. Why are you posting about that?" Friends, the answer is that San Francisco just reminded the nation how to deal with elected officials who will not do their job, who will not stand behind law enforcement, and who are soft on crime:

Throw 'em out!