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Thank You, President Trump

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He put America first, without apologies. Thank you, President Trump.
He led our nation to extraordinary success prior to the pandemic. It gave us 7 million new jobs and the lowest unemployment rates in a half century. It gave us rising incomes in every metro area of the nation, and shattered employment records for women and minorities. It brought manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., when nobody thought that was possible. It gave us massive deregulation and got government out of the way. And it sent the stock market soaring.
President Trump understood why our immigration laws are important, and why a strong wall along our southern border is needed. He knew that our military had to be rebuilt, and made that a priority. He let our adversaries know we weren’t going to be taken advantage of. And he rallied behind our strongest ally in the Middle East, resulting in historic peace agreements. Back home, President Trump went out of his way to protect our religious liberties. He stood up for our nation’s law enforcement officers, and fought against lawlessness in our streets.
The list of accomplishments is a mile long. Then when hit with a pandemic that caught the entire world by surprise, he moved mountains to unleash the resources of our federal government. With vaccines having been developed in record time thanks to Operation Warp Speed, brighter days are now ahead for our nation.
President Trump accomplished so much for our country, despite those Democrats who were actively working to undermine him at every turn. (Plus a mainstream media that doesn’t even pretend to hide their liberal biases anymore.) Despite that, however, if history is accurate and fair, President Trump will be known as one of the most effective and accomplished presidents in modern history…
…precisely because he put America first. Thank you, President Trump.
Full list of accomplishments: