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President Trump

Revelation from Special Council John Durham

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If there’s any money left over in Hillary Clinton’s campaign account, it ought to be used to build a new annex at Leavenworth Federal Prison. It sounds like multiple people connected with her campaign should be setting up residency there soon. There were so many lies behind the whole Russian collusion hoax. One of those came directly from Clinton herself, who claimed just days before the…

Thank You, President Trump

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He put America first, without apologies. Thank you, President Trump.   He led our nation to extraordinary success prior to the pandemic. It gave us 7 million new jobs and the lowest unemployment rates in a half century. It gave us rising incomes in every metro area of the nation, and shattered employment records for women and minorities. It brought manufacturing jobs back to…

Statement on Impeachment Vote

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I was a resounding *NO* just a few moments ago on impeachment.   With just seven days left in President Trump’s term, this effort by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats is yet ANOTHER example of their visceral hatred of the President, and more broadly, their disdain for anyone who stands opposed to their liberal policies. They would NEVER pursue impeachment under these circumstances…

Statement on Articles of Impeachment

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On Tuesday, Rep. Ralph Norman issued the following statement on Democrats' efforts this week to impeach President Trump. “Right now, America is wounded and needs healing. The riots seen last week at the Capitol are inexcusable and all involved in the breach should be identified, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The response by my colleagues on the other side of…

Unnecessary Theatrics

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It’s purely political. With just 8 days left in the President’s term, the House is being called back to Washington for one reason: unnecessary theatrics by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats. So on short notice, I’m flying back to D.C. this afternoon to vote NO on two measures: (A) an utterly worthless resolution calling on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to…

The Wrong Focus

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Last night, Nancy Pelosi sent notice to her Democrat colleagues that later today (Monday), she’ll seek unanimous approval for a resolution that would “call on Vice President Pence to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment” to remove President Trump from office. With 10 days left in his presidency. Three points on this resolution: (A) She won’t get unanimous…

A Few Remarks

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We have heavy hearts today with the news of Brian Sicknick, an officer with the U.S. Capitol Police, who died last night from injuries sustained during Wednesday's riot at the Capitol. His killer deserves nothing less than the full weight of American justice. If there's a silver lining within this tragedy, I hope it's a national awakening to the importance of our law enforcement…

Replay of July 30, 2020 Telephone Town Hall

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Below is a full replay of my telephone town hall, which took place on Thursday, July 30th. During this call, I covered a wide variety of issues including our COVID-19 response, our economy and jobs, our federal spending and national debt, along with several other important topics.

Voters Should Remember the Democrats’ Role in the Impeachment Scam

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This op-ed by Rep. Norman was originally published in The State on February 7th, 2020. We’ve been through everything from inappropriate warrants by former President Barack Obama’s administration for the FBI to spy on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign to debunked conspiracy theories about Russian collusion — but finally the siege of now-President Trump has at least been temporarily put to…

The Acquittal of President Trump

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Just moments ago, President Trump was acquitted and vindicated in the Senate. The partisan impeachment charade is over (for now at least). Unfortunately, it cannot be forgotten. As we turn the page on what’s been a very dark & unnecessary chapter in American politics, it’s time to double-down on the policies and priorities that have brought this nation its countless blessings in…