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No Surprises Here

No surprises here. Let’s run through some of President Biden’s executive orders during his first week in office. These are campaign promises he’s making good on – we knew they’d be coming.
🛑 PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT: It’s basically a sham. There’s no objective standard – each country gets to define what it wants to do. Countries can lie six ways from Sunday about whether they’re actually reaching their own goals, with zero repercussions. It’s like a teacher telling students to write their own test questions, complete that exam at home, record their own grade, and then throw a cupcake party when they all miraculously get an “A+”. The Paris Climate Agreement is liberal virtue-signaling run amuck. Trump was right to pull us out, and Biden is wrong to issue an executive order throwing us back in.
🛑 KEYSTONE PIPELINE: Canada is an ally with lots of crude oil. Despite efforts to move away from fossil fuels, it’s going to take decades to get there. Until then, our nation needs oil to survive and prosper. This means for the greater good of ALL Americans, we need efficient ways to get crude oil from Canada to our midwestern and Gulf Coast refineries. Thus, the Keystone Pipeline, which Obama rejected but Trump wisely allowed to proceed. Biden is wrong to issue an executive order killing this project. Doing so has just wiped out thousands of jobs, harmed the future supply of U.S. energy, insulted Canada, and made it clear that climate activism will dominate his administration.
🛑 ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Executive orders from Mr. Biden last week (A) stopped all new construction of the southern border wall, and (B) placed a 100-day moratorium on removing most people with ACTIVE DEPORTATION ORDERS! Fortunately, the judicial system is trying to step on both issues. But separately, he’s proposing a “comprehensive immigration reform” plan that will offer amnesty and ultimately citizenship to at least 11 million illegal immigrants. (Truthfully, it’ll be many more than that.) From wage suppression of American workers and strain on our social services, all the way to the narcotics, sex trafficking and other crimes directly attributable to illegal immigration, our nation NEEDS to move towards stopping the unencumbered flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border. Biden’s executive orders last week are a sprint in the opposite direction.
It's not lost on me that President Trump had plenty of executive orders. But he had only four (4) within the first week of taking office… versus President Biden’s TWENTY-SEVEN. If nothing else, what we’ve seen over the last week is a clear picture of Biden’s overall policy positions, and what’s in store over the next four years.