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A Figurative Train Wreck

You’ll probably hear a lot in the coming weeks about a dreadful bill in the House known as H.R. 1. This is the Democrats’ signature piece of legislation this Congress – hence their designation as H.R. #1.
Informally it’s known as the “For the People Act.” Because who would ever vote against something that’s “for the people,” right? Well, I’ll be voting against this atrocity because it’s not “for the people.” It’s just another liberal wish-list masked behind a noble-sounding title. Two quick examples in this 800-page bill:
PUBLICLY FUNDED CAMPAIGNS. The federal government should not be using public funds to finance the campaigns of people running for federal office! It’s completely inappropriate. But this bill would create a 6-to-1 funding match for any contribution up to $200 in those races. If you’re a candidate whose ideas & values don’t resonate with voters, and therefore you can’t raise enough money... so be it! Campaign shouldn’t get any public funds, let alone a 6X funding match.
WIPES OUT VOTER ID. With this bill, a “sworn statement” of your name is all that would be needed to vote, even if your state has voter ID laws in place, like South Carolina. Think about that for a second. Anyone with nefarious intent could literally walk into a polling location, sign a piece of paper saying they’re someone else, and cast a ballot for that other individual. As for absentee ballots, H.R. 1 explicitly says “states may not require an individual to provide ANY form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.” This is absolutely unacceptable.
There are numerous other problems with H.R. 1 that we’ll likely cover later, from ballot harvesting and weakened voting deadlines to making it more difficult for states to clean their voter rolls of dead people, convicted felons, and folks who have moved out of state. “For the people” who care about election integrity, this bill is a figurative train wreck.