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A Trojan Horse

  • Trojan Horse

After weeks of speculation, the veil was finally lifted this morning on Biden’s next massive spending plan.

Yes, this is different than the $1.9 trillion Democrats rammed through last month. It’s on top of the extra $6 trillion we spent last year alone. And yes, this will be in addition to what it normally costs to operate the federal government.

This proposal is being pitched around infrastructure. Of course, the federal government plays a role in infrastructure, which is vital to our nation. But when we unpackage what the President has proposed, it's a big trojan horse for things that are (A) unrelated to infrastructure; (B) inappropriate; and (C) overreaching. Here's what I mean:

UNRELATED: If this is an infrastructure proposal, then why are labor unions mentioned 24 times? Climate change: 20 times. Racial divide: 9 times. Employee wages: 14 times. I’m not saying these things aren’t important, but they’re not related to our core infrastructure needs.

INAPPROPRIATE: We have things in here that are simply not the federal government’s job! For example, he’s asking for $213 billion to “build, preserve, and retrofit more than two million homes and commercial buildings.” What?! When did it become the responsibility of our federal government to use taxpayers’ money to upgrade other people’s homes and businesses?

OVERREACH: Every page of this proposal is full of it. For example, Biden wants the feds to pressure local governments to eliminate zoning laws for things like “minimum lot sizes, mandatory parking requirements, and prohibitions on multifamily housing.” Again, how is this the role of the federal government? If your city or county determines those ordinances are needed – maybe it’s for traffic control, community aesthetics, to address population growth, etc. – then it’s not the federal government’s job to tell them otherwise! This is a complete overreach.

Oh, and we haven’t even gotten to taxes yet. The corporate tax hike I covered earlier is in Biden’s proposal. Remember: corporations ultimately don’t pay taxes; it’s ALWAYS passed along to either customers, employees, or the people who own that company. A tax hike on businesses = a tax hike on Americans.

At the end of the day, what Biden released today is just his wish list for the next round of massive government spending. The real concern is what happens next, when Congressional Democrats (who have the majority in the House & Senate) craft the actual legislation to be voted on.

I’ll keep you all updated. It’s not going to be pretty.