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Whipped Into Fear and Panic With Metaphors

18-year-old Greta Thunberg has certainly made headlines as a climate activist. She’s from Sweden, so it was intriguing to me that Democrats invited her to testify as an “expert witness” on United States energy policies. This was at my Environment Subcommittee hearing earlier this morning.
I want you to pay attention to her answers to three very simple questions. It's now clear why she was called to testify. Her answers perfectly reflect how Democrats in Congress view the role of government on climate, the Green New Deal, etc.


Q: What does she mean when she famously told the world, “I want you to panic” regarding climate change, and “I want you to feel the fear I feel every day”? Where is that coming from? Where’s the scientific evidence that should instill fear and panic throughout the globe, instead of a rational, well-reasoned approach towards our environment?

A: Those statements were just “metaphors.” There was no scientific study that made her come to that conclusion.


Q: As a climate activist, what levels of CO2 emission would be acceptable? In other words, if we’re going to make policies based on reducing CO2 emissions here in the U.S., then what’s the target? How do we measure success?

A: There’s “no magic amount.” The “science doesn’t work that way.”


Q: Why should our country enter into global agreements on climate that could have devastating impacts on our economy with ZERO incentives for other nations to do their part? How on earth is that fair?

A: The U.S. should be “willing to take a few steps back” on our economy in order to offset non-compliance from less developed nations, so they can increase their standard of living at our expense.


Folks, I appreciate Ms. Thunberg’s willingness to testify this morning. But this was unabashed liberalism on full display.

Adults are not whipped into fear and panic with “metaphors.” Congress should never make multi trillion-dollar policy decisions without reasonable objectives and clear ways to measure success. And if other countries want to increase their standard of living, then great, but it’s not going to be on the backs of Americans. 🇺🇸

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