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It’s Not Incompetence. It’s Deliberately Strategic.

  • Incomplete Border Wall

Here’s something to ponder: President Biden obviously didn’t campaign on creating a massive surge of illegal immigrants. But what if he had? What if Candidate Joe Biden had promised the American people total chaos along the southern border, a demoralized Border Patrol, thousands of unaccompanied children, and a renewed humanitarian crisis?

➡️ How would he have fulfilled that sinister yet hypothetical campaign promise?  (Hint: the answer is not hypothetical at all.)

🔥 He would have stopped new construction of Trump’s border wall.

🔥 He would have tried to halt the removal of illegal immigrants who have active deportation orders from an immigration judge.

🔥 He would have lifted fines for illegal immigrants with deportation orders who refuse to leave.

🔥 He would have reinstated Obama’s “catch & release” program that’s ripe for abuse, since many who are released inside the U.S. never show up for their immigration hearing.

🔥 He would have ended Trump’s policy requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while waiting for their asylum hearing. Thus, once again, enabling people to disappear inside the U.S. and never show up for their day in court.

🔥 He would not visit the border himself, of course, but instead would designate a subordinate to “manage” the situation. (e.g. Kamala Harris, who herself hasn’t been to the border this year)

You probably see where I’m going with this, but I’ll ask again: if newly elected Biden hypothetically wanted to cause a surge of illegal immigrants along our southern border, how would he accomplish that?

** The answer is he’d do exactly what he’s BEEN DOING since he took office, which is everything I’ve listed above.

So while Mr. Biden creates the conditions for the surge, the Democrat-controlled Congress explores avenues like H.R. 1177 to grant amnesty, permanent residency, and a pathway to citizenship, eventually leading to millions of new Democrat voters.

Friends, this is not gross incompetence on the part of President Biden or congressional Democrats. Instead, it’s deliberately strategic.

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