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Have You Lost Track?

Have you lost track of all the money Democrats are frantically trying to spend this year?

You know… the trillions we don’t have? The money we can’t afford to borrow because of our obscene national debt? The massive additional federal spending that will only make President Biden’s inflation worse than it already is?

If so, you’re not alone. This isn’t even about the emergency COVID spending last year – we’re long past that. Instead, remember just a few months ago, Democrats bulldozed a $1.9 trillion bill through Congress with inexcusably bad spending, like hundreds of billions for pension bailouts and blue state bailouts.

And last night, Senate Democrats made a huge leap forward towards another $3.5 trillion package. This one covering everything under the sun, from climate change to “social investments.” (That’s to say nothing about a separately negotiated infrastructure deal.)

Friends, there are major fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats as it pertains to the role of government.

Republicans are NOT WRONG for questioning whether government should take money from taxpayers to subsidize someone’s paid leave! Or childcare expenses. Or “free” college tuition. Etc.

Republicans are NOT WRONG for questioning the impact that liberal policies will have on American families, employees, businesses, and our economy. If Democrats believed in their vision for America, they’d welcome this type of scrutiny.

And Republicans are NOT WRONG when we stand up and ask, “How in the h*** are we going to pay for even a fraction of what Democrats want, without bankrupting our nation?”