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If You Have Our Back, We'll Have Yours

Just a quick follow-up on this post from a few days ago for those who might be interested...

H.R. 3985 is a bill meant to help translators and others from Afghanistan who served and aided American forces over there. Essentially it smooths the pathway for them to be issued Special Immigrant Visas. It came up for a vote earlier today in the House.

Remember, these are people who risked their lives to help us. Given President Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, they now face almost certain slaughter if (read: when) the Taliban terrorists soon take back over critical parts of that country. So it's incumbent upon us to help get these individuals to safety.

I had no problems voting Yes on this measure earlier today. Not just for their sake, but also for the message it sends to anyone else down the line who helps American forces abroad: "If you have our back, we'll have yours."