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Rates on the Rise

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Here’s a high-level explanation of what just happened today concerning interest rates. I know this is a major concern for many people. Inflation is out of control right now. There are many factors behind rising prices, but a big one has been excessive government stimulus. We’re talking trillions of unnecessary dollars that have been poured into our economy. Sidenote: everyone in this…

New Day, New Record

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New day, new record.  Do I think President Biden is solely responsible for this? No, his policies are a major ingredient, but not the whole recipe. There are other global factors in play as well. But given what he can control, has this President acted in the best interest of the American people? Has he done what he can to keep our fuel prices from skyrocketing? ABSOLUTELY NOT. In…

Recent Earthquakes in Our Area

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Over the past year, numerous small earthquakes have been recorded in our congressional district. While many of these have been centered in Kershaw and Fairfield Counties, rumblings have been felt farther out. To date, none of these recent earthquakes have caused major damage; they’ve all been relatively minor on the seismic scale according to the U.S. Geological Survey. However, the…

My National Debt Clock Bill

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Tell me this isn’t a great idea. Last night, I introduced a bill in the House that would require a national debt clock be displayed on the floor of the House of Representatives. Perhaps a huge scoreboard-like display behind the Speaker’s chair, or even a jumbotron hanging from the ceiling in the House chamber. I don’t really care what it would look like. The point is many of us in…

What’s Your Solution, Ralph?

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“What’s your solution, Ralph?” I get that question all the time, especially when I talk about wasteful spending in Congress and our $30 trillion in federal debt. Friends, our nation is heading for financial ruin. I’m so tired of being asked to vote “yes” on new spending bills with no offsets. I’m tired of bloated, wasteful government. I’m tired of agency heads who claim they can't do…

Where's the Outrage?

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Tags: Pro-Life

The man was there to ~murder~ Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Where’s the outrage over this news? If this man intended to kill a liberal Justice, we’d be seeing wall-to-wall coverage of this; perhaps even a primetime special running on every network tonight. Let’s quickly remind everyone what the Senate Democrat Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, said shortly after a draft decision…

Here’s an Idea

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Here’s an idea: how about a primetime special on why gas is at $5/gallon? Or why inflation is through the roof?  Or why we now have RECORD levels of illegal immigration pouring across our southern border?  Or why violent crime is rising?  Or why our foreign policy is such a mess?  Or any of the other disasters under the leadership of President Biden and…

None of These Measures Get to the Root of the Matter

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Tonight, Democrats will pass a wide variety of gun control measures in the House of Representatives. All restricting 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.  All arguably unconstitutional. I’m voting NO along with most of my Republican colleagues. None of these measures get to the root of the matter. None of these so-called “common sense” proposals deal with what’s causing…

San Francisco Finally Got It Right, for a Change

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I know we make fun of San Francisco for their utter lunacy on so many issues. But honestly: their voters got it right yesterday. There was a special election on Tuesday to recall San Francisco's far-left district attorney. (Remember: a district attorney is the public servant responsible for prosecuting crimes in his/her area.) Chesa Boudin is the name of the district attorney in San…

Yet Another Caravan

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Surprise, surprise. There’s another massive migrant caravan walking up through Mexico heading to the United States border. Estimates vary, but it’s easily several thousand people according to multiple news outlets. *** But remember this: that entire caravan represents just a fraction of the total number of people who flow across the southern border Every. Single. Day. This is what…