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Election Integrity

New Legislation to Strengthen Federal Elections

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Washington Monument

It’s past time we clean up some issues with our federal elections. That’s why earlier today, I introduced a new bill in the House to help get the ball rolling. It’s called the “Securing And Verifying Elections in America Act” – and it focuses on five major concerns in federal elections: ✅ PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP ✅ Because only U.S. citizens should be voting in our federal elections,…

The Election We Deserve

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Last month’s election was certain to be chaotic. Historic turnout, numerous pandemic-induced changes to states’ voting procedures, and massive mail-in voting efforts were center-stage. All of that was set against a backdrop of Republican frustration over things like Big Tech censorship, obvious biases from many traditional media outlets, and a four-year effort by Democrats in…

Still Waiting

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It was almost a month ago – back on Nov. 6th – that we asked Attorney General Barr for specific details on what the Justice Department was doing to ensure the integrity of the vote counting process. We're still waiting for a detailed response. I was with other members of the House Freedom Caucus today at a press conference to publicly ask the Attorney General, AGAIN, for this…