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What's Happening Here?

Despite what we were previously told by President Biden, yesterday we learned during Senate testimony that military commanders DID, in fact, advise Biden (and Trump) to keep at small contingency force in Afghanistan. They knew it would be necessary to keep the Taliban marginalized, help maintain peace in that region, and support our various intelligence operations.

But wait…!

Remember last month, ABC News asked the President point-blank whether he received any such recommendation. His response? “No. No one said that to me that I can recall,” said the President.

It is perfectly within the rights of any Commander in Chief to accept or reject advice from the military. No President is under any obligation to follow their recommendations. That’s *exactly* the way it should be. But…

But when the President’s military orders turn into such a COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER – like they did in Afghanistan – then getting to the truth and understanding how those decisions were made becomes very important.

So which of these three things is happening here? (1) Did military brass give false testimony before the Senate yesterday? Or (2) was President Biden not truthful last month? Or (3) does Biden honestly not remember receiving such a CRITICAL recommendation from his advisors?

It can only be one of these three things – neither of which is acceptable.