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You Shouldn’t Be Surprised at This

$450,000 – this is how much the Biden Administration wants to pay some noncitizens from other countries… who broke our immigration laws and now are suing us – the American taxpayers – over the way they were treated in the process. The Wall Street Journal broke this news last week.

I’d say it’s unbelievable, but it’s not.

This is a president who stopped construction of our border wall, tried to end our “remain in Mexico” asylum policy, reinstated Obama’s “catch & release into the USA” efforts, and tried to pause the removal of those with active deportation orders. And he’s walking in tandem with Democrats in Congress who are trying to grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to millions of people who have deliberately broken our immigration laws.

So given all that, why is ANYONE surprised when Biden reportedly offers massive payouts – to the tune of almost half a million dollars – to noncitizens who are suing our nation?

Friends, you shouldn’t be surprised at this. Nor should you be surprised whenever the next outrageous immigration policy comes along. Because it WILL come, and it’s all just par for the course with this administration and those who currently control Congress.