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Add One More No Vote to My Growing Tally

There was a lady sitting towards the back of the room at my town hall a couple months ago in York County. She appeared rather upset over the number of bills I’d voted against in Congress… ever since Democrats took control of the House.

In fact, she seemed to know the exact number! You know, as if my purpose in Congress should be to rubber stamp the Democrats’ socialist agenda. Clearly to her, I had been derelict in that duty.

Well, get ready because I’m about to add one more NO vote to that growing total.

This massive social spending proposal I’ve been talking about lately may be coming up for a vote soon. Everything’s still in flux on the timing, but at least now we’re getting a clearer picture of some things that made the cut when this bill was being finalized.

First of all, this is a multi-thousand page bill that nobody has fully read. And nobody knows what it’ll actually cost yet; the Congressional Budget Office won’t likely have that guesstimate before Nancy Pelosi forces this vote. But in terms of the bill itself, it:

🔻 Includes mass amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

🔻 Excludes a longstanding provision called the Hyde Amendment. Without the Hyde Amendment, this bill opens the door for federal dollars to be used for abortions.

🔻 Chips away at work requirements to receive welfare benefits. Why on earth?!

🔻 Includes various provisions of the Green New Deal.

🔻 Includes various tax hikes on businesses. (Don’t ever forget: when you tax a business, you’re really taxing people. The ONLY thing a business can do is pass that cost along to its customers, employees, or the people who own the business.)

🔻 Roadblocks domestic oil and mineral production, which of course simply increases our reliance on foreign countries.

I’m just getting started, but you see where I’m going. Trillions of dollars that we cannot afford for liberal social spending programs. With inflation already a problem, and with our nation already 28 trillion in debt. It’s unconscionable.

Look at the polling. Look at what happened in the Virginia Governor’s race Tuesday, a state Biden won by 10 points.  (And what almost happened in New Jersey, which Biden carried by 16 points.) The nation is clearly not following the Democratic vision or agenda, but they’re doubling down on it!

We’ll see how this all plays out in the House and Senate. One thing’s for sure though: you can add another NO vote to my tally.