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Remarks at CPAC

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It was an honor be part of a special forum this morning at CPAC with Rep. Scott Perry, where we covered a wide variety of important issues facing Congress. The weaponization of government, border security, the Speaker's election, China, and more... nothing was off limits. Give a listen!

Monday Afternoon Update

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2.27 Winter Session

Over the next seven weeks, the House is scheduled to be in session a whopping… 14 days. Oh, not to mention we’re just now heading back to D.C. today after being home for the last two weeks. *** This further illustrates how utterly ridiculous it was for some Republicans to have been angry at me and 19 others for negotiating during the House Speaker’s vote back in January. They literally…

CDC Overhaul?

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Last week, the CDC Director finally stated the obvious. During an interview, Rochelle Walensky said her agency mishandled significant parts of its responsibilities during Covid, and an overhaul of that agency is now needed. You think?! Where do we begin with this? We’re talking about an agency that recommended masks for TWO-YEAR-OLD children, despite studies indicating their…

Statement on World Health Organization

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My office has received many calls and emails this week concerning the World Health Organization (WHO). Actually if I’m being honest, “many” is an understatement. Literally hundreds of you have reached out and I sincerely appreciate it. For those who just want to confirm my position: I am STRONGLY opposed to this effort and plan on fighting against it at every turn. For those who aren’t…

REPLAY: Joint Tele-Town Hall w/ Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons

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A very special thanks to Congressman Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! The three of us hosted an incredible joint tele-town hall on April 5th, with tens of thousands of constituents joining us on the phone from back home in South Carolina. There were many great questions about inflation, illegal immigration, Ukraine, and other issues facing our country. You can catch a full replay…

Upcoming Tele-Town Hall on April 5th

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Please make your calendar for Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 PM ET for a special live telephone town hall.  Joining me will be two other congressman from South Carolina, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! During this call, we'll be discussing the important domestic issues facing our country, including rising inflation, increases in violent crime, and alarming…

Mask Mandates for Air Travel

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If you’re wondering when the Biden Administration will back off mask mandates for air travel, the answer is sometime before the November election. I don’t mean to sound flippant about it, but that’s the answer. At some strategic, well-choreographed moment between now and November, unelected government bureaucrats at the CDC will unravel that agency’s mask guidelines for air travel. And…

One Missed Opportunity After Another

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Did any of you watch the State of the Union earlier tonight? It was a spin job like no other. Not to beat a dead horse, but inflation is at a 40 year high under Biden's watch. His policies have enabled & encouraged more than 2 million people to illegally cross our border in the last year. Violent crime is rising. We're now $30 trillion in national debt, while he wants trillions more…

Good News on Omicron

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Good news: data shows Omicron is fading fast. Infection rates are down sharply. Hospitalizations for Covid are also dropping. Deaths seem to have plateaued and should hopefully start falling soon. This is excellent news. It’s also great to see liberal states like Oregon, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware lifting mask mandates for school children. Even California, the bastion of…

The FDA Should Correct Its Guidance

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Recent guidance from the FDA seems highly unethical. Let me start by posing a question: All things being equal, should someone’s race or ethnicity afford them preferential treatment for Covid medications? Here’s an example… Let’s say there were two people, both with Covid, both contracting it around the same time, both with the exact same symptoms and severity, both of the same age and…