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Conning the American Public

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Last night, we received an alarming update on the projected costs of the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” plan. Remember this is the next round of massive, multi-trillion-dollar, socialist spending they’re trying to ram through Congress while they still can.

As I covered in my post Sunday night, Democrats have intentionally manipulated this legislation by adding sham expiration dates to many of this bill’s most expensive programs. By claiming to sunset these programs within a short period of time, that allows the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to assign a cheaper price tag to the total 10-year cost of this bill. Democrats believe Congress will extend those programs later because they know once any big government socialist program is established, it’s difficult to eliminate.

It’s such a twisted way of conning the American public.

Anyway, the CBO is only allowed to estimate costs based on the way the legislation is written, with those sham expiration dates. The CBO is not allowed to provide cost estimates on the more likely cost of this legislation if (read: when) those new programs are extended out the full 10 years.

Instead, we must turn to other sources for that data. Yesterday, the non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget released their analysis of what Democrats’ efforts are likely to cost the American taxpayer. Get this: $4.9 TRILLION!

Their report confirms this bill “relies on a number of sunsets and expirations to keep the official cost down,” and they also confirm that “the gross cost of the bill would more than double from $2.4 trillion to $4.9 trillion.”

It’s a damning report however you slice it.

There is NO justification for this type of spending. Not in our current financial state. Not with the crippling debt our nation is under. And not in the dangerous inflationary period that Biden and Congressional Democrats have led us into.