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Another Vax Mandate Injunction

Outstanding news this Tuesday afternoon as the courts have just intervened on yet ANOTHER unconstitutional vaccine mandate by President Biden.

Just moments ago, a federal judge blocked Biden’s decree that federal contractors must be vaccinated by January 4th. Estimates are that at least one-quarter of our nation’s workforce is employed by a company that – in some capacity – contracts with the federal government. That’s a ton of people!

Friends, I’m not opposed to vaccines! I’m opposed to an incompetent President telling people they have to choose between a vaccine they may not want… versus their livelihood or religious liberties. I’m tired of the liberal overreach.

Numerous legal challenges have been mounted against Biden’s various mandates, and I’m proud of the work that South Carolina’s own Attorney General Alan Wilson, and others, have done on this front. In fact, this is now the THIRD time courts have sided with AG Wilson against the Biden Administration.